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Whether you're a business owner who needs website copy or an author who needs help with your manuscript,
I help you find the words you can live by.

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Website Content

Your website has one purpose — to sell your goods or services.

That means you need content that converts your audience from visitors to customers. The best way to accomplish that is with quality copy that contains the right SEO keywords.

What is quality copy? Informative, engaging and emotionally compelling content that convinces your audience that you have exactly what they need.

That's where I come in. After some discussion with you, a little research and a lot of coffee, I'll deliver the content that makes your audience as excited about your offerings as you are.

Drop me a line below and let's get started.

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Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles are widely considered a necessity for businesses looking to strengthen their website and stand apart from their competitors.

More quality content leads to more traffic, which leads to more links, more authority, a higher industry and consumer reputation, and over time, higher rankings in search results.

The ultimate outcome is a stronger, more authoritative website that offers your audience something most of your competitors lack—comprehensive, in-depth answers to their questions.

Using thorough SEO and topic research, quality citations and the engaging writing style of your choosing, I'll write the blogs and articles that turn your website into an industry authority.

Contact me below, let's talk.

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Already have website content, but feel it's a little out-of-date or just plain lacking?

A bit of copyediting can turn it into something stellar, giving it the professional polish it needs to really stand out.

Whether you're looking for a simple proofread or a heavy edit with rewrites, I'll elevate your copy into engaging, informative content that not only increases traffic and conversions, but keeps your audience coming back for more.

Email me below and let's make your website one to remember.

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Developmental Editing

Whether you have a rough first draft or you're nearing the finish line, my thorough, thoughtful developmental edits provide insights into every aspect of your story.

From themes, plot, character development, voice, pacing, clarity and more, I provide detailed notes and recommendations in a positive, constructive fashion that helps you tell your best story.

Contact me below and let's talk.

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Line Editing

Line editing concentrates on more than just each line of your manuscript — it carefully considers how each line coexists with the ones around it, and how each paragraph complements its neighbors.

My line edits focus on developmental and technical considerations alike, from language, dialogue, phrasing and clarity to run-on sentences, redundancies, verb agreement and more.

The result is a comprehensive evaluation that shows you exactly where you can tighten and improve your manuscript.

Email me below and let's refine your story together.

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The more you read your manuscript, the more your brain substitutes what is there for what it expects to see. After all, no one knows your story better than you.

That's why having a professional pair of eyes on your manuscript is so important. It's the only way to catch everything your brain makes you ignore.

Remember how the Sixth Sense kid sees dead people? I see typos.

Drop me a line below. Let's get your manuscript polished up and ready for submission.

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Drop me a line for samples, quotes and questions!

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon!

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